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The Team

Who We Are

P' Wong

Database and auction web team

. P' Wong Worawit who opens up the online world for Thai plants to enter the international auction system. From now on, Thai plant names will be known all over the world.

66 0806128887

Ki Kirana

Experienced organizer

Ki Kirana, our admin Jeki of the Haworthia room is loved by many but perhaps despised as well. Besides being the owner of the famous DG, she will also take the organizer career as her main one to enhance the management of exhibitions, contests, fairs, and Thai trees and shift them in a better direction. A solo woman from Thai Organize will become a perfect combination at "Siam Plant Expo", an exhibition of Thai plants to thrive internationally.

66 0895295665


P' Sert Prasert

Experienced Cactus and Succulents

P’ Sert Prasert, who has been in the cactus industry for more than 20 years and has brought cutting-edge science from foreign countries to apply perfectly in Thailand.

66 0841545437

P' Or Kawin

Export expert

P’ Aor Kavin will lead us to comprehensive export data. If you have any questions about agriculture knowledge, P’ Aor is your man.

66 0866606464

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